We all need coaches in our lives to help us when we can’t see the way ahead of us or think that change is impossible. As a Certified Professional Integrative Coach, Rebecca will assist you in finding your way when you have lost your vision. First discover what the blind spots are and then uncover the skills and gifts you already have to push through the barriers. Through that discovery process, there is an increase in self and social awareness that integrates desires with reality.


Life and Career Coaching

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following, I have a coaching program for you!

  • College degree and in a job for one - two years to get experience, but I want more.
  • I’m not in my preferred profession yet, and not sure how to get there.
  • Not challenged and I’m bored, want to go places.

Career Moves

College degree, in new job one to two years and want more.

Seeking a new position in a preferred field, and could use some assistance.

Not sure what to do for work, not sure of transferrable skills.

Profession is not providing the challenge or adventure desired.

Took a job to pay the bills, and feel as if there is something lacking after a few years.

Career change will help to reach original goals – need help to discover direction.

Work Life Balance

  • Stuck in a relationship but not sure what else I can do.
  • Life isn’t how I thought it would be, something is lacking.
  • Career is satisfying, but I have no life!
  • Can’t manage my own time.
  • Need a 3-year plan to make my vision come true.

Creative Visioning

  • Recognize skills and talents
  • Restore faith in your abilities
  • Self-management dynamic application
  • Calling all artists, musicians and writers

Business Tools

  • Changing perceptions, exploring possibility for success
  • Self-management – visionary thinking in a critical world
  • Leadership development, skills analysis
  • Strategy – working with generational, cultural differences